What is Mindfulness? What is Grace? My Big Epiphany on the Two.

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Below is the email I sent out to my list detailing the epiphany I had while listening to day 6 of the Oprah and Deepak 21 day meditation experience. I hope you enjoy it!


Happy Monday Beautiful!

I just experienced an unexpected blast of enlightenment!

As you know I am doing Oprah and Deepak’s 21 day meditation experience. My weekend was busy so I had to catch up on meditations 6-8 today (they stay live for 5 days).

After listening to the very beginning of #6 I experienced a huge “ah-ha” moment.

I thought I knew what mindfulness & grace were until today. I have always associated mindLESSness (thinking about the future or the past) with anxiety, worry, regret and shame.

Although future and past thinking (not being grounded in the present moment) does often cause these negative emotions to bubble up, today I learned that they can cause much more than that.

This epiphany happened when I heard Oprah say this…

“When we are distracted, distant, and not fully immersed in the here and now nothing is ever enough. We often feel we need MORE to be complete. We never actually feel satisfied. When we make gratitude the essence of each present moment, abundance multiplies. Simply being and being grateful creates the wholeness and completeness that is grace. It is by expressing our thanks that we align ourselves with the universe.”

How powerful is that?! This brings a whole new meaning to mindfulness for me.

When I was overweight and struggling to lose weight I was CONSTANTLY thinking about the past or the future and nothing about me was enough.

I was not strong enough, smart enough, beautiful enough, thin enough, tall enough, short enough, teeth and hair weren’t straight enough….

I was not grateful for the present moment at all! I thought that the present meant pain and the future (when I thought I would be “enough”) meant happiness.

How much happier and confident would I have been if I had understood that the only thing that we have is the present moment and that I was enough right then and there?

You are enough! You have enough! Don’t stall your happiness for “one day.” Be thankful for what you have and who you are and the universe with repay you 10 fold!

I obviously need to write a blog about this because this email is entirely too long now.

I think you get the picture :)

If you are also doing the 21 day experience please share your enlightening experienced with me on Facebook. I would LOVE to hear them.

Much Love,



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